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48 minutes ago, hackerzero00 said:

the tar.gz (its unzipped)

You shouldn't extract it, but do as the documentations says; "Do not extract the .tar.gz archive"

48 minutes ago, hackerzero00 said:

current firmware im on is 1.4

If you are already on fw version 1.4, what are you trying to update to (since 1.4 is the latest available firmware version)?

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alright now thats funny i just got home from school and i was trying to update it via windows this time (il send the screenshot soon) and i copied the tar.gz file unzipped didnt do othing to the root of the keycrock i remvoed it safely plugged it back in it went green white blue red for a few seconds like 7 or so then it went back to green white blue magenta and back to white again so i put it into arming mode and i found a txt document called "update" i opend it and this was standing there


==============Starting Update==============
=== 01/01/70_00:00:05 Update Log: Starting Stage 1
=== 01/01/70_00:00:05 Update Log: Starting Stage 2
=== 01/01/70_00:00:05 Update Log: Entry is kc_fw_1.4_568.tar.gz, startString = kc_fw_, lenString = 6, lenMatch = 6
=== 01/01/70_00:00:05 Update Log: Update file used is kc_fw_1.4_568.tar.gz
=== 01/01/70_00:00:05 Update Log: Starting Stage 3
=== 01/01/70_00:00:09 Update Log: Fatal Error: Could not extract the file kc_fw_1.4_568.tar.gz
=== 01/01/70_00:00:09 Update Log: Deleting file kc_fw_1.4_568.tar.gz


 il send 2 screenshots in a few minutes 

NOTE the tar.gz file did get deleted now as said in the update txt document


What am i doing wrong?


WhatsApp Bild 2023-10-27 um 17.35.16_70be7cb4.jpg

WhatsApp Bild 2023-10-27 um 17.35.16_bfcecebe.jpg

WhatsApp Bild 2023-10-27 um 17.35.16_f9566637.jpg

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17 minutes ago, dark_pyrro said:

What you can do? Download the tar.gz update file and make sure it's correct after downloading it, i.e. verify the checksum.

Yeah but i dont have a problem with the update file thats "fixed now" i have a problkemwith the missing space for the update file and i dont know what im allowed to remove without damaging my keycrock thats why im asking, but any way how do i verify the checksum?

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Well now i dont understand what you mean, as the documentation says you are supposed to update the keycrock by coping  the update file on the keycrock i mean copying it 

and the way i see it in all the tutorials is yes by puitting it on the udsik so it can update when plugged in again isnt that hwo you do it =why do you need space for the update file if there's nothing to update? i need the space as said fgor the update file as said in the documentation

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well... ok, so you don't have enough storage on the Croc udisk, or?! I.e. you can't copy the file from the computer where you downloaded it to the Croc storage device that shows up on the computer when it's attached in arming mode, does that correctly describe your situation? If so, what have you stored on the Croc udisk that occupies storage space? Tools? Loot? anything else? You have to examine every part of the udisk to find what you need to remove in that case. I have almost 2 GB free on my pretty recently reset/updated Croc, so you must have something stored there that isn't originally on the Croc.

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You need to focus in your attempts to troubleshoot. That shows the internal file system of the Croc, not the udisk. So, you have to decide where you are short of storage. Is it on the internal file system or on the udisk (to where you are probably trying to copy the update file)?

What's the output of "df -h" when you're connected to the Croc using ssh or serial?

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OK, that shows there should be no real issue when it comes to lack of storage in the Croc internal file system. Run "udisk mount" (preferable unmount the Croc storage from the computer to which is attached, and when saying that meaning just to unmount it, not pull the Croc out of the USB port), and then run "df -h" once again.

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root@croc:/etc# udsik mount
-bash: udsik: command not found
root@croc:/etc# udisk mount
[*] Udisk mounted to /root/udisk
root@croc:/etc# df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/root       3.2G  1.3G  1.8G  42% /
devtmpfs        168M     0  168M   0% /dev
tmpfs           249M     0  249M   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs           249M  8.3M  240M   4% /run
tmpfs           5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock
tmpfs           249M     0  249M   0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/nandf      1.8G  1.8G  224K 100% /root/udisk
root@croc:/etc# ^C

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