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Hey, I thing every one like uber-hax0r-1337-thr333t names. :roll:

So easy to read.

Mhm, I don't like the site. The most randomsites are spamm or boring.

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:? leet == boon == scriptkiddie =! hacker

In my opinion there are only these ones hackers which are reaaaly better then the good :) so... no one...

Ok, Hagbard Celine maybe.. :D

Thats the problem, everyone defines "hacker" like someone other.

Highly skilled programmer or Hardware modifier or Computer experts..

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Awww, c'mon, give Syntaxerror a break. It could just be a joke.... Please... tell me it's just a joke.

It could be just me, but there seems to be an influx of people out there who prehaps watched the movie "Hackers" more than they should've, or prehaps played "Uplink", and based all and every idea they had about how to break into a computer from these sources.

I'm not claiming to know much about getting into computers, 'cause I don't at the moment. I'm not big on the whole Hacking methos, but I enjoy playing around with computers in general, and know my way around networks enough for my personal, and educational needs.

What I'm trying to say is... please, please let this be a joke, 'cause I'm beginning to get disgruntled by people who feel the need to try and impress their peers by typing their messages in 1337.

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Its a joke im a very wisecracking person ok every time i post a thread it turns into a battle!

Hahaha ok good. As long as you're trying to be funny or ironic, then talking l33t is slightly more acceptable. Slightly...as long as it's used in moderation. :P

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Isn't 7 the 1337 version of T though? So that would be "Syntaxettor".

And it's easy enough for me to understand the topics title... just took a little while.

I prefer StumbleUpon anyway. It was pointed out in an old thread of mine before the server screwed up.

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