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can you help me


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i am having problems downlkoading and streaming. when i try to download something it stops partway through

and streaming cuts out and wont start up again.

im assuming this is a hardware/router problem being as i formatted and re installed xp.

i have a cable internet (i actually get 10 mbps) going into a router and from the router out to a hub and from there out to my computer and my xbox360. there is also a computer running straight from the router. the computer running straight off the router has no problems at all. and the 360appears to operate normally, although sometimes it doesn't quite seem to have the right IP address and i have to reset the router or the 360.

i would appreciate any advice i can get on this problem.

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If a cable internet connection is any thing like a ADSL internet connection then it's susceptible to noise. Unfortunately I don't know how you can check for noise your self on a cable connection.

Similarly it could be your router being a flappy bat (speaking technically of course). What make and model of router do you have?

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WRT54G but the wierd thing is that the computer running straight off the router is fine.

its the one connected through a hub that is having issues.

and we have never had issues with the router.

also, do u need a crossover ethernet cable for anything other than connecting two computers directly.

becuase i think it may be that one of the wires is a crossover cable.

i will probably rip all the wires out this weekend an try eliminating parts of the network (like bypassing the hub, the router, or both)

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I had a problem like that, check the coax cable going to the modem and make sure that its the first one on the splitter if you have cable comeing off the pole and a splitter and then another splitter that causes line degragation your modem needs to be as close to the pole as posible meaning into modem then to all the other TV/DVD/VCRs in the house. :)

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well, the coax cable is plit only once and that is where it comes into my house. i cant run it any closer, and i have tried the box with no security features active at all and it still does not work (and i dont think i need to mess with the router's settings because the comp running straight off the router is fine.

this started after i got back from a systemlink game with 4 xbox360s, so i hadto bring all my network cables and my hub, but when i got back i set it up differently, ill try returning the wires to thier original configuration (which i dont see how it could fix it, but it is the only thing that changed at the time ofthe problem) ill have to try later on tho, it means i have to pull em outta walls so ima gonna wait till the weekend, plus, i have a load of hmwk.

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also, do u need a crossover cable for anything other than connecting two computers directly.

The only other thing that a crossover cable can be used for it connecting similar layer 3 devices to another layer 3 device.

example: router to router

what I would suggest is if you can use a different cable to connect the PC to the router directly using a straight-trough cable. If that doesn't work I would try a different NIC. You can find PCI NICs online for $5-$10

And for not being able to get an IP I would open start -> Run -> CMD

then inside of the command prompt type:

ipconfig /release

then after you receive something saying you IP is type this:

ipconfig /renew

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i got it fixed, it was the cable positions

i had three cables, 40 ft grey, 20ft grey and 25ft black, the 40ft was runnin into the hub and then the 20 ft was runnin into my comp and the 25 ft was running into the 360.

when i configured it so that the 20ft cable was running into the hub, the 25 foot from the hub to the comp and the 40ft from the hub to the 360. now all is running fine.

i am on a downloading blitz.

now on to the next issue:

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i have a p3 730mhz running at 880 mhz, stable (trust me its been a month, and not even over 50 degrees)

it has 2 128 meg sdram modules, i would love to upgrade but the cusl2 maxes ram out at 512 megs. so even when i do increase it i want to know how to optimize what ram i have.

i allready have a 3 gig hard drive dedicated as a virtual memory drive

so i need to know any other ways to get the most out of my ram.

dont worry about my processor i can oc it some more (im still at stock voltage, but temp is becoming an issue) but for that i need to use my dremel, which means i need new cutting wheels.

and im not worried about graphix yet, although if anyone could recomend a good agp pro 4x card i would appreciate it.

but most of all i need to optimize my RAM.

thanksfor your posts on my previous issue, with this old PC i will definately need to keep this thread alive for a while.

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updates: (yay) i just got a 32 mb siluro geforce2 mx 200 graphics card. ( i know it is the definition of crap, but its better than ancient 82815 intel onboard) so now i can actuall get a decent framerate when watching movies (labrats wont run seamlessly on this, nor will the divx stage6 version of hak5) and im not sure if i even want to try overclocking because i figure its so old even overclocked its way beyond obsolete.

but now im thinking about getting another monitor and trying dual monitor with the mx 200 and the onboard, if its possible. which i think it is.

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