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[RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple 2.1.2


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The WiFi Pineapple 2.1.2 firmware is here!  For the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII and WiFi Pineapple Enterprise, this update inludes:

  • Campaigns
    • Switch to using msmtp for generating email from campaigns
  • Ui
    • Configure your LEDs!
    • Default LED to solid blue and always on
    • Raise a UI alert when NTP changes the system time
    • Fix sorting by dBi in recon
  • PineAP
    • Ensure auth modes are configured for Enterprise spoofing to ensure credentials are logged
  • Server
    • Implement HTTP-over-Unix-File-Socket for local control of the Pineapple service API

The new firmware is available by going to Settings->Check for Updates




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