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  1. This post is getting too personal. Being disappointed in the wifipineapple and raise bugs, concerns and lack of features is one thing. This post does none. I am too disappointed in the wifipineapple but it has become better with updates. I suggest Foxtrots does NOT honor this post with a replay.
  2. Regarding the capture handshake mode. I like to controll each wifimodule. So if I am connected to the wifi pineapple trough usb-c capture data on three channels at the same time.
  3. GREAT! Thanks for the update.❤️ Have been looking forward to this. Keep making the Pineapple better.
  4. Fells missleading to call the wifipineapple mark vii. The name suggest it is an upgrade from the old versions. But it is not, everything is new. I feel very disappointed.
  5. Is it possible to have the handshakes captured saved on the pineapple even after a reboot? Thx in advanced.
  6. Thanks for replaying. I do my best to clarify and give some constructive feedback. Sorry for ranting in a none constructive way. 1. I fully understand community driven modules and doing a shift in architecture is a challange. From my perspective, as a user, I am lacy. I want to do cool stuff with minimum effort. Processor speed, RAM size is not something I value. I value the end result. What makes the pineapple attractive is the software with it functions. If I buy a tetra I can do more stuff since there are more modules for it. The modules are essential. I hope the community migrate some of the more popular modules. 2.1 Setup issues. When I opened the box, connected the pineapple mark vii over wifi, went trough downloading the firmware, reboots etc there where some minor issues that hade me do the same process twice. No major issues. 2.2 "Scanning in probe mode" should have been, under "Recon > Scanning". During the scanning. The list of clients under connected to an SSID are shown then lost, then shown again. I think this might be an UX issue more then a tech issue. Showing probe request under clients mac adress (can be seen now PineAP>Logging) would help with the overall case of doing recon of the different APs and Clients. As a Noob do I care if I probe / scan continuously or just for 30 seconds? No I do not. I just want to know what happens around me when I do the recon. I can speculate that the the antenna for scanning is used for other stuff when it is not scanning. The UX dont tell me the trade off when I start a scan. One antenna is for PineAP, one connecting to internet, one for scanning and one for capture handshakes? That means something has to go since I only have one. 2.3 Capture handshake. When selecting an SSID and the button "Capture WPA handshakes" confirmation on what channels is monitored to capture handshakes would help. If I select a different SSID under an other channel the button has changed to "Stop handshake capture" giving the impression that I already try to capture that SSID handshake even if the pineapple is not. Handshakes are lost when rebooting the pineapple. Like to keep those precious handshakes. 2.4. Connection issues when connecting over Client WIFI. Has been discussed on the forum in other threads. In my case it could be because of overheating. I put the pineapple in my backpack and no ventilation. An error message when I turn it in on saying "Shutdown due to overheating" would have been nice. 3. This has no significance but some of my thoughts on the design. The nano looks cool. Small and sleak. The tetra is mirrored with two antennas on each side. Having all antennas on one side like the module kit looks better and gives it less of a bulky feeling. What I did what making a sticker saying what antennas was where. Wlan0, wlan1, wlan2 etc. I suggest more LEDs and symmetry. When scanning, the LEDs go back and forward as night rider. Finding a handshake or getting a client connected to it something lights up. 4. If I tell my boss, Look did a man in the middle attack on you. Your traffic now goes through a pineapple, when the traffic was unencrypted it was a bigger issue. I want with minium effort and knowledge demonstrate for a layman in layman terms what the damage is that I can do. That is why I bought the pineapple. I hope this was constructive feedback. English is not my first language. If clarification is needed, let me know.
  7. My issues are: 1. Lack of modules support. Hopefully there will be more modules available later. Why is it that the latest pineapple has the fewest functions? 2. Quality issues. It dies and loses connection. Frezes. Scanning in probe mode gives various result each time. First time setup has some issues but was overcomed by tring multiple times. 3. Bulky and ugly design. I understand why they also sell the module kit. 4. Better security by users overall. VPN, Https makes the use case for the WiFi pineapple in today's world lower. Nothing hak5 can do about it. Maybe just take credit for making the world a better place by lifting the issues I personally look forward to the next software update. A release plan could save me some time not refreshing several times a day.
  8. I had the same thought. In that case the ux has a bug. Showing what channel the wifi pineapple is monitoring is preferred.
  9. When you start capture handshake on the wifi pineapple mark vii, does it do that for all channels or just the specific channel?
  10. Looking to replace some of the antennas with an antenna with longer range. Any one knows what antenna does what?
  11. Got the WIFI Pineapple mark vii today. Nice! Under Pine AP > logging you can see probe requests. Would it be nice to show probe request under recon mode?
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