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  1. Is it possible to have the handshakes captured saved on the pineapple even after a reboot? Thx in advanced.
  2. Thanks for replaying. I do my best to clarify and give some constructive feedback. Sorry for ranting in a none constructive way. 1. I fully understand community driven modules and doing a shift in architecture is a challange. From my perspective, as a user, I am lacy. I want to do cool stuff with minimum effort. Processor speed, RAM size is not something I value. I value the end result. What makes the pineapple attractive is the software with it functions. If I buy a tetra I can do more stuff since there are more modules for it. The modules are essential. I hope the community migrate som
  3. My issues are: 1. Lack of modules support. Hopefully there will be more modules available later. Why is it that the latest pineapple has the fewest functions? 2. Quality issues. It dies and loses connection. Frezes. Scanning in probe mode gives various result each time. First time setup has some issues but was overcomed by tring multiple times. 3. Bulky and ugly design. I understand why they also sell the module kit. 4. Better security by users overall. VPN, Https makes the use case for the WiFi pineapple in today's world lower. Nothing hak5 can do about it. Maybe just take
  4. I had the same thought. In that case the ux has a bug. Showing what channel the wifi pineapple is monitoring is preferred.
  5. When you start capture handshake on the wifi pineapple mark vii, does it do that for all channels or just the specific channel?
  6. Looking to replace some of the antennas with an antenna with longer range. Any one knows what antenna does what?
  7. Got the WIFI Pineapple mark vii today. Nice! Under Pine AP > logging you can see probe requests. Would it be nice to show probe request under recon mode?
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