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  1. There was some talk on Discord about making a tactical mount for the MK7, so here you go. Want to make your MK7 look tacti-cool? STL and STEP files are on Github; the print should fit on just about any 3d printer. Parts list for the nuts/inserts/webbing is all in the README. https://github.com/kismetwireless/cases/tree/main/hak5-pineapple-mk7/mk7-tactical
  2. Instructions for assembling the Kismet MK7 special edition case are on the Kismet site at: https://kismetwireless.net/mk7-kismet-case/ You can also find a 3d STEP model and a 2d DXF drawing of the mk7 PCB on the site & attached here; they were created via measuring so may not be perfectly accurate, but should be very close (and were used to make the acrylic case). mk7pcb.dxf mk7pcb.step
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