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  1. I recently found an AWUS036NEH from when I was using a Mark 5 and today plugged it into the Nano to use in Client Mode. Every time I've done a scan and asked it to connect, the Nano has bricked. In terms of behavior, the system is perfectly fine but once I ask the AWUS036NEH to connect to an AP in Client Mode via the AWUS wlan2, the Nano seems to reset and only broadcast it's default Pineapple_ SSID (My open and management AP disappear). The only way to get the Nano back is a full system reset. On the AP I asked the Nano to connect to, it has a valid IP and the LED for the AWUS036NEH is blinking as if traffic is flowing. I thought it was something to do with power but it's operating on a full 2A USB charger for an iPad. Firmware version is 2.7
  2. The device has been on the market since 2015 and in that time has seen continious updates and patches. 2.7 was released a little over a week ago. For a device so buggy and unreliable, many are using it and successfully so. Trust it for what? Your livelihood? Job? A tool is only as reliable as the person using it. If you stake your reputation on a single device, that reflects on your own poor judgement and shows a serious lack of skill in risk planning. It also demonstrates that you really have no idea what you are doing as no one would use a singular device in such a critical test and if they absolutely had to, they'd have the skills and foresight to plan for any issues they may encounter.
  3. For what it's worth spamming various threads with your opinion without a serious discussion of the issues you are facing reflects more so on you than the product. Does Nano have issues? Yes, it does. Do Hak5 proactively support those issues? In my experience, yes. The latter is worth more to me that the minor issues I'll face with Nano. Buy a product from a company that won't even answer an email or reply on a thread, then come back to discuss the Nano and Hak5. The majority of issues I see are people believing this device is plug and play. It's not. Tech moves on, security gets tighter. Nano is a spring board to speed up development and testing. This applies to all elements of pentesting. Many of the issues I faced with BackTrack, Kali etc were never answered by development teams but I accept that, it's just the nature of the beast.
  4. I had the same issue when I received mine. First boot was fine, then it was bricked. I managed to unbrick it but the process ins't fool proof. I had to play around and try a few times with holding the button.
  5. I just updated my Lan Turtle to V2 with a manual upgrade, and I'm having the same issue.
  6. I had an issue with a battery pack from the MK5. It would appear the current limiting circuit is prone to failure i.e. You will have potential on the USB and maybe a little current flow, but ramp it up and the current stops flowing. Hak5 happily replaced mine in the end. Not saying its the issue here, but I had similar symptoms.
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