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[RELEASE] WiFi Pineapple 2.1.1


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Happy monday!

WiFi Pineapple 2.1.1 is here for the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII and WiFi Pineapple Enterprise.

This is a relatively small release, with a handful of speed boosts and bugfixes:

  • Ui
    • Show loading status of results in recon
    • Enable repositioning the pager controls in recon
    • Fixed sorting of some columns in recon view sorting by the wrong column
    • Major (additional) improvements to CPU load under very large recon scans (500+ APs and clients)
    • Added first time seen to APs and Clients
    • Added full first time / last time seen on hover-over in recon
  • PineAP
    • Further optimize SQl access for clients
    • Add more indexed columns for sql speed boosts

2.1.1 is published to both the Stable and Beta channels, and you can update by going to Settings->Check for updates 


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The reason it works with 1.x firmware is that the "flash storage check" wasn't implemented in that firmware. 2.x has it though and your Pineapple most likely has faulty flash storage. The only thing to do is wait for some response from official support. Don't spam tickets though, it will probably not help at all.

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