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Computer crashing 4 times in a row


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hey eveyone,

well i kinda have a little problem, and well i think you guys are most likely to know what might fix it. so here we go.

A few days ago my cousins computer crashes, and it reboots itself everytime in the bootscreen. If i start it in safemode or normal, or last known working config. The same thing happends, just restarts in the bootscreen.

I have tried formating it 4 times now, and well the same thing happends after a few hours, when she turn it off, it comes to the bootscreen and restarts.

Last time i couldnt even install win xp witch is what she uses, because the win install stopped when looking for old win install at start of installation.

So i had to install linux first when windows. I have tried to run live Cd's and it works like a charm, so the computer is working.

Last time it crashes i saw it, when she turned off the computer the win installs got installed, and then a bluescreen come up, she pressed a key, and it was of. Then when she turned it on this morning, It was messed up again. Since i didnt have a computer back in the bluescreen days i am not sure about if it was it. But well it seems very like bluescreen.

Anyone got any suggestions or so? I could just install windows again and again, but its kinda hopeless.


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ill test ram when i get it Again in 30 min.

Well the Hdd works fine and everything, the install is working while its working. I would try using linux for a few days if it was mine, but well, she have no clue about linux, even ubuntu would be way to complicated for her.

The laptop is pretty new to, she bought it like 6 months ago

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The laptop is pretty new to, she bought it like 6 months ago

It's a laptop? Not a standard pc. Make sure when reinstalling your uisng the discs it came with for the board and drivers and not using any drivers from Windows.

Sounds like the hard drive is going. Live cds run from the CD-rom, so they don't even need the hard drive to run. When running from the hard drive it may have corrupted disk sectors or something. While looking into that memory test, see if you can find a copy of Disk Doctor:


Repairs and Protects the Workstation

Norton Disk Doctor performs hard disk diagnostics and repair operations on both FAT 16 and NTFS drives, detecting and correcting almost any type of hard disk problem.

Im not one for Norton products, but it may help diagnose the problem.

EDIT: Also, make sur ethe media your installing from isnt scratched or damaged.

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yea im using the disc that came with it, ill try your suggestions when she comes here, well about any minute. thanks so far guys :)


okey i asked her now if she saw the message this last time, and she had noted it down, its:


ill try to google a bit since i know the error now. while i wait for the memtest

if anyone know anything about this msg, please post it, since i get well a "few" hits on the search

Btw: the computer is: Fujitsu Siemens Amilo Pro

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