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Cant Complete The Setup MK7


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OK, so you are connecting to the Mk7 using WiFi and you seem to successfully have updated the firmware. This shows that the hardware button should work as expected. When you press the hardware button on the Mk7, just press it for 4 seconds. Do not press it once with a short press and then try to press it for 4 seconds after that, it won't work. You will have to reboot the Mk7 in that case since it has already slipped into "Ethernet mode" when you pressed the button with a short press. Remember to press the hardware button firmly (but not with too much force of course). I most often use a ballpoint pen instead of a "soft finger" to be sure the button is pressed with even force over the 4 seconds. The ballpoint shouldn't be ejected, when not ejected it creates a near perfect fit over the contour of the little round "dot" that is on the hardware button making it not slip or anything (depends on the model of the ballpoint pen of course).

I've been following similar scenarios on the Discord server where users say they try for hours and can't get it to work, but with a bit of support it always ends up with "Hey! Now it works!" They (most of the time) have just not pressed the button in the correct way. This isn't a difficult thing to do and I do it pretty often when I want to reset my Mk7. Has never failed for me.

Also make sure that you actually still is connected to the open access point of the Mk7, just so that the Mac hasn't jumped over to some other network for some reason.

I'm no Mac guy at all so I don't know what models can run what type of OS, but if you are on Big Sur, you shouldn't use Ethernet via USB on the Mk7 since the driver model has changed and there's no good ASIX driver available yet which messes things up.

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