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Ibook With No pcmcia

Justin Ewing

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The way the original question is worded it sounds like Little_Mermaid wanted to create an adapter to plug a PCMCIA card in to a USB socket... This isn't going to happen.

However, if the point was to ask if USB adapters perform worse than PCMCIA ones, I'd say you shouldn't notice a great deal of difference and USB wifi sticks work well enough fo the most part.

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You wouldn't be able to make one yourself unless you produced these kind of electronics anyway because you need a number of chips to control the USB.

However it could such a device could exist so have a look around and you might get lucky.

If not you could always shell out for a ExpressCard 34 slot Wifi Card or a USB one.

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Such a device does exist, although I’m pretty sure they won’t sell you one as they only really deal with OEMs, you maybe able to pick one up from other sources. I could build you one but I would need some development money, plus my salary which would work out considerably more then buying it from an alternative source.

U132 $ 192.00. It will need a little work to get it working with whatever card you have but it can be done. I have four devices from the manufacturer which work very well, all it took was a little work to get everything working smoothly under Linux.

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At a glance it seems that (according to the site) it's only for cellular modems (EDGE, EVDO, etc) but it might be possible to use it for other stuff.

To be quite honest though, a simple $30 USB wifi dongle would work just as well, would be considerably cheaper and easier to set up.

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