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Wifi Pineapple Mark Vii recovery issue


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A couple of weeks ago I wanted to update my wifi Pineapple to the latest software however, it seemed to never end..

I was busy so I left it aside for a later recovery.

Today I decided to give it some time.

Everything seems to be fine to the point where I upload the recovery bin file (checksum matching).


From that point onwards it seems like nothing is happening. The led is red solid.

From time to time I see the eth1 interface (which is the pineapple) is assigned an IPv6 address. Then it's unassigned then assigned again. There are even some rx and tx packets.

Is there any other step to get this finally sorted?


I had been in that state for a long time now.. much more longer that the 5-10 mins it should have taken...


Thanks for helping !



After i posted this, I unplugged it, pressed the reset button, plugged it back in and released the reset button after the red led flashed for the third time and refreshed the the recovery page.


The led turned purple and the page then said the updating was in progress and it was up and running again a couple of minutes later.

Not sure why it had this behavior as the recovery guide says not to unplug it.


Anyways, good new 😌



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