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Bash Bunny won't go online


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Hi guys

I just got a Bash Bunny and I ve been trying to learn as much as possible about it.

I can connect through arming mode, I found out how to ssh through, had an issue with routing table as bunny metric was lower than my wifi so got that sorted adding

a default route. Then I could ssh while on switch1 but I cant go online with it.

It keeps sending arp requests asking who is non stop.

I can ping, but nothing more.

I was thinking about modifying the bb.sh but not sure what to modify.

There s no firewall stopping it and when I ping I get destination Unreachable, so I suppose packets go out but not in.

I ve mostly used the guided setup and manual without luck.

I use Parrot OS and prefer not to have to do this in Windows if possible 


Any Help will be much appreciated.

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I'm sitting with my Bunny attached to my PC right now and it's working all fine. I don't think it's something wrong with either the Bunny or the bb.sh script unless you have been doing something special that would have impact. Have you looked through your IP tables rules on the PC?

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Hi I haven't done anything special lately and my os is still a fresh install...

here 's my routing table 

default via dev wlan0 metric 100 
default via dev enx001122334455 proto dhcp metric 100 
default via dev wlan0 proto dhcp metric 600 dev enx001122334455 proto kernel scope link src metric 100 dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src metric 600 

does this look right or should I add anything else so the bunny can connect online?

Sorry still noob in networking...

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ok, but I was primarily interested in your iptables rules, have you run the bb.sh script with success? I.e. gotten the status "found" and the ASCII art that tells you that the Bunny is connected to the internet. You have no route that includes

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I think i had the same problem... 

After installing the new firmware (1.6), my bunny wouldn't go online anymore. 

I had that problem before, because my bashbunny adapter on my laptop (enx00112233455) did get instead of 64 ..

And because of the default gateway on the bashbunny was set to, i didn't get any connection.

The solution is quite simple.. change the dafault gateway on the bashbunny... ( /etc/network/interfaces.d/usb0 )
And also maybe change sbunnyhostip=  in the bb.sh script.  

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