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recovering a password

Ub3r Sold4t

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Assuming you can get into windows right mouse click on "My Computer" > manage > Users and Groups > Set password for Administrator

this requires to can boot into windows, and already have an admin account. You will also lose any encrypted files in the admin account but that won't be a problem because you would NEVER use the account "Administrator" for anything but system administration.

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ok. so for some reason the password wont work.

Are you saying if i start with 98 in dos mode and type

c:> fixboot

c:> fixmbr

it should do it?

no if you reset the admin password boot from the XP disk, start recovery mode, select the version of windows to want to repair (probably 1), then type in "fixboot", confirm yes, then type "fixmbr" and that will solve your problem most of the time.

But what is the problem you're having?

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well i suppose i got the boot thing figured out since it boots. but it still try's to start the acronis thing before it boots. i was wondering how i could get rid of that. would deleting all the registry entries do it? and it's been a while since i messed with the registy so how do i back it up just in case i mess up? thanks

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hmm i dont understand at all :? so ur drive is dead coz it cant load? but u can load it and change ur password?... if u doing what i think u are, u have pluged in another HDD, and set it up to load? if so, is this drive still in when u boot to CD?

edit: scrap that u got ur post in a few seconds b4 me.

goto start > run > "msconfig"

check under the startup tab.

if its there ticked, then untick it. (this edits the reg and is a lot safer)

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