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Editing Sample-Nmap-Payload scan type makes script fail


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So i was playing with the Shark Jack and when trying to modify the scan type to be "-sV -sC -vv -T4 --max-retries 2 --max-rtt-timeout 50ms" the payload would try to run and give a green complete light after a few seconds and would not save an output.  I tried modifying the scan multiple different ways and it seems to just not want to work other than what the default settings were.  Has anyone had any luck on doing a thorough scan with Shark Jack?  I had it plugged into a power source as well and that did not seem to help it along either so i'm sure this is user error on my part but i am just wondering what i can do to get this puppy doing some deep digging.

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Did you use any "official" payload script as base for your modifications? I.e some Shark Jack nmap payload script available on the Hak5 GitHub.



Remove the -sC parameter and the scan will work. Run the nmap scan "live" when SSH'd into the SharkJack and you will get the answer why the payload isn't working, i.e. nmap will run but (as it normally does when encountered with something that is not correct or supported) it just shows the list of all the options combined with any eventual error messages and then exit, hence the result that it seems as if the payload has executed, but in reality it has executed with an error. The payload script has no routine to catch this (depending on what payload you have used as base for the script). When running the nmap scan that you specified, it returns: "Scantype C not supported". So, removing -sC will make the payload work.

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