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  1. ^ this plz. manage modules/payloads, logging, reporting would be great additions.
  2. good to know that some have this issue and others don't. cheers
  3. so maybe i have missed the convo, but does this mean the tunneling all traffic through PS is possible atm? i seem to be having a hard time with it. modified the payload by adding the "1" value to clients. the "config.ovpn" file is the same content as the one i use for my VPN provider. i eventually just see it flash yellow, and my connection appears, same as my main internet source. curious if anyone got it working or not. cheers.
  4. b0N3z, you are a true gent. ;)
  5. for the life of me i can't get to the web interface. after trying the USB method, i can see "cat VERSION" gives me a "1.1" reply. woot!
  6. i tried the same steps as the BB by putting img on the root of the drive and rebooting to arming mode, but that did not work. yeah, i missed the video last night early on but caught the end, was hoping i could rewatch the video to understand how to flash the firmware but i guess we just /wait
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