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  1. So i was playing with the Shark Jack and when trying to modify the scan type to be "-sV -sC -vv -T4 --max-retries 2 --max-rtt-timeout 50ms" the payload would try to run and give a green complete light after a few seconds and would not save an output. I tried modifying the scan multiple different ways and it seems to just not want to work other than what the default settings were. Has anyone had any luck on doing a thorough scan with Shark Jack? I had it plugged into a power source as well and that did not seem to help it along either so i'm sure this is user error on my part but i am just wondering what i can do to get this puppy doing some deep digging.
  2. perhaps i need to reset it. is that essentially holding the button down while plugging it in?
  3. I formatted a USB to FAT32 and plugged it into the powered off Signal Owl. I plug the Signal Owl into an ANKER power supply, and it only flashes slowly (4 secs roughly) and continues to do that the entire time. I do not see it flash rapidly at all. Snagged while at DEFCON27
  4. My Tetra is not stable with USB-Y and it is not power related since my other Tetra works fine. I have tried flashing to stock FW, updated firmware, and it just won't work. Serial output is this https://pastebin.com/NZSUPeSV
  5. I too am having a issue with the Tetra being powered via USB Y Cable. Either from my laptop or the portable charger that i ordered from Hak5, just keeps power cycling. My other Tetra has no issues at all, can work fine powered via laptop & portable charger. I do believe this to be a hardware issue and perhaps will need to be replaced. Willing to mail back for replacement or any troubleshooting steps needed to do in order to get it up and running.
  6. ^ this plz. manage modules/payloads, logging, reporting would be great additions.
  7. good to know that some have this issue and others don't. cheers
  8. so maybe i have missed the convo, but does this mean the tunneling all traffic through PS is possible atm? i seem to be having a hard time with it. modified the payload by adding the "1" value to clients. the "config.ovpn" file is the same content as the one i use for my VPN provider. i eventually just see it flash yellow, and my connection appears, same as my main internet source. curious if anyone got it working or not. cheers.
  9. b0N3z, you are a true gent. ;)
  10. for the life of me i can't get to the web interface. after trying the USB method, i can see "cat VERSION" gives me a "1.1" reply. woot!
  11. i tried the same steps as the BB by putting img on the root of the drive and rebooting to arming mode, but that did not work. yeah, i missed the video last night early on but caught the end, was hoping i could rewatch the video to understand how to flash the firmware but i guess we just /wait
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