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how to connect wifi pineapple to c2 cloud


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9 hours ago, Jtyle6 said:

Na, Posted August 18 (this year.) and they haven't been back since.

You are right. I bought mine at September 9th.  

The problem for me was that I didn't saw on that day the information about the MK7 incompatibility with C2 2.2 (because there is not the place to inform about this).

So, I tried, tried, tried and nothing. Later, I came to the forum to see if anybody was the same problem. And because this, I want to help to prevent others users to make the same mistake.  

We have a different point of view about this issue, and I accept that. For me, this issue is badly managed. Better, is not managed at all. Today is October 14th. Nobody talks about, we don't have any official information, nothing. If someone enter now in the Pineapple webpage, see this:

 • Cloud C² Teams Edition available October 12th, 2020. 

And think: It's OK. I can buy and continue to use like the Tetra and Nano and isn't true. 

You think on the Hak5 side, I think on the costumer side, like me. I don't ask for the C2 v3, I'm asking for a real release date. They can write December 31th, I don't care, but I will understand that on that day I can download the version and I can use my MK7 on cloud. But they are ignoring all this and for me is not a lack of time, but a simple "I don't care" and for a company (small or big) this is not acceptable. 

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