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B.A. paper help


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First of all, thank you for reading this. I have to write a paper which will serve as an prelude to my B.A. paper, and the theme is physical access penetration techniques (well, my mentor doesn't like this title). So if you're up for some link posting or just name mentioning, to point me in the right direction, please help. And if any of you ever gets stuck in Croatia, contact me and well go and have a couple of beers and some home brew schnapps.

This is what I have so far:

BIOS: backdoor passwords, battery removal

Windows: rainbow tables, SAM injection, live Linux distro and browsing around

Linux/UNIX: live Linux distro and browsing around

Automatic data gathering: USB switchblade

Thanks again

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ok so im not 100% sure what ur after, but it seems to be on the lines of, if u have physical access to the box what can we do?

if so then other methods that i can think of are:


LSASS Secrets (othereise know as just LSA Secrets)

Protected Storage Dump (Windows Stored Passwords, and auto fill boxes)

WiFi DropBox (Dumps the Hash settings for WiFi Wep Keys with SSID and such)

Sorry but atm ive had a late night, when i think of more i shall post.

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Thanks so far,

and stealing the hard drive is not really the theme, but would be better than any of the above in a real situation. :)

No hurry, I have like 4 months to write it. Any idea, no matter how dumb it seams, is welcome. Just don't recommend beating the owner of the machine for password.

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