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Bootling LiveCD's from the HD?


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My main use of linux so far has been the LiveCD's from penertration testing/pretending i'm a hacker. The problem is that i've always opted for ultra portable laptops such as the Compaq Armarda 3500 (currently used as a remote desktop for my server and & wifi-hifi) and Dell Latitude x300, with external CD drives. Which i cannot be arsed to carry about with me.

So how would I set up a boot system where I could have 3-4 different liveCD's on the hard disk, and choose which one at boot? So far I've got as far as figuring out i'll need to create several 1GB FAT32 partitions, and just copy the ISO contents to the partition. I don't have a method of boot management.

The main OS on both these machines is XP pro, no wireless drivers otherwise.

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Why not just install one distro of linux to the HD and then install all the programs from your different live Cds that you like on that one distro, I think that would be a lot less hassle. If you already have a partition not used by windows you can just install it there and it will take care of the boot loader for you.

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