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[PAYLOAD] Network Recon Payload with email exfiltration


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This is a based on MonsieurMarc's Sample Nmap Payload with Patebin exfiltration script, which was based on the original HAK5 sample payload.

This payload:

  • Performs an nmap ping scan of the local subnet and logs it to a text file
  • Pulls LLDP neighbor and switch information and logs it to a text file
  • Performs an IFconfig and ip addr show and logs it to a text file
  • Performs a traceroute to and logs it to a text file
  • Performs a public IP address lookup via curl and icanhazip.com and logs it to a text file
  • Sends all of the created text files via email to the address set with MAIL_RCPT

This payload requires you to have curl, lldpd, and msmtp mutt already installed and configured via opkg


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19 hours ago, Darren Kitchen said:

Awesome! Would like to host this on the Hak5 repo if you'd like to submit a pull request 🙂

Just attempted to submit it. This is my first time using github so I might have done it wrong. Let me know if anything needs to be done differently. Thanks! Happy to have it hosted on the Hak5 Repo!!


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Thanks! PR accepted 🙂

I will note that this payload overwrites the nameserver in the /etc/resolv.conf file to If I were to recommend any change - it would be to make that configurable in the variables at the top of the payload. 

Otherwise, fantastic work - and I'll see if we can't get some of those dependencies baked into the next official release so it's even easier to use out of the box.

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