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  1. DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS. SEE THE NEXT POST. Had a question about how to upgrade Shark Jack Firmware. I answered my own question. Here is what I did. (Default User, "root", Default Password "hak5shark", Default IP Make sure Shark Jack is Fully charged Connect Shark Jack to network and set switch to arming mode. SCP upgrade-1.0.1.bin to /root/ SCP sharkjack.sh to /root/payload/ Set switch to Off/Charging Wait 10 seconds Set switch to Arming Mode Wait for light show to finish (5 minutes for me) SSH to Shark Jack Run command cat VERSION Confirm output as 1.0.1 Hope this helps everyone! Side note, I noticed that if I have the Shark Jack connected to USB Power while in Arming Mode, when I flip the switch to Off/Charging, the device will stay on and respond to pings. If you are trying to power cycle the device while you have it connected to power this might cause issues. After performing the upgrade, the upgrade-1.0.1.bin and sharkjack.sh files disappeared. The /root/loot/ folder also disappeared. So make sure your have your loot off the device before you update it.
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