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  1. This is a million times better that the crap I put together for lldp info, thanks!
  2. You might take a look at my post on LLDP, I bet it could be used to pull CDP info as well in your cisco land.
  3. rdub

    LLDP Info

    Here are the snippets from my payload for this task. This all assumes that you have installed LLDPD and MAILSEND already. I used the SSH server payload to get the shark online and installed them that way. LED SETUP NETMODE DHCP #Enable SSH Server /etc/init.d/sshd start sleep 10 #Wait for an IP Address and Add this IP info to the loot file - stolen from other script by darren. while ! ifconfig eth0| grep "inet addr" >> /root/loot/info.txt; do sleep 1;done LED ATTACK sleep 2 #Assign LLDPD to eth0 - found without this it would fail lldpd -I eth0 sleep
  4. rdub

    LLDP Info

    Oh, I already have it all working! I installed lldpd with opkg. Then I run the command "lldpcli show neighbor detail" and out it to a txt file that gets sent along as the body of the email.
  5. rdub

    LLDP Info

    Not sure if this is the right place to discuss but I was able to get the shark to pull LLDP info from the device it is connected to and had it email me the results. It is taking about 64 seconds to go from plugging in to reading the email with the info I need to be able to find the switch a wall port is connected to. I am however bad at formatting the data, any tips or materials to help with formatting the data would be handy. I had to install a few packages first, mailsend and lldpd. Anyone know of more light weight ways to do this I am all ears... After those were installed I setup
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