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3G/ 4G/ LTE USB Modem compatible with Nano?


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You can root your phone on Android and then setup the USB port on the phone to only tether once connected to USB in devoloper options on phone. 

If the pineapple does not see it as a network device once you hook it in, then you may have to do most the settings via shell to configure it. I am not versed on the process further other than I know it's possible to do it via a Linux shell, bc I do it with debian based (parrotOS) all the time. But alot parrotOS also automates things like this very well. 🙂


If I'm wrong then I stand corrected lol. 

To me... A easy way would be to just tether phones 3 or 4g via wifi to the pineapples possible 3 different wifi cards and set it in network settings to be a client network connection 👍

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Thank you for the replies.

I need to only use a USB 3/4G Modem. I've tried a 'managed' 3G Modem- a Huawei E8372 (a USB 3G Wifi Access point) without success.

The process I went through was:

1. I did a factory reset on the Nano and updated to firmware version 2.6.1 

2. I set up the Huawei (APN) E8372 under (windows 10) Web GUI. It successfully connected to internet whilst connected via USB to laptop.

3.  I wirelessly connected to and logged into the Nano console.

4. I plugged the E8372 to the Nano- the Nano did NOT get an IP address from the E8372- despite the E8372 LED indicated an internet connection 

I have now gone to the expense of buying a new Nano plus initially a (Huawei e3372) USB 3G Modem which did not work. Then on the strength of a Hak5 video recommending 'managed' USB 3G Modem, I bought a Huawei E8372 but still no success.

I think the Huawei needs to some Linux config to allow it to work. Any help will be much appreciated.

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On 10/9/2019 at 3:08 AM, Jtyle6 said:

Well it can be done without rooting your phone.


I'm sorry I was using Text-to-Speech late after work, and I did not proofread the reply. You are correct no rooting is necessary. 

You can root your phone on Android and then setup the USB port on the phone to only tether once connected to USB in devoloper options on phone

Was supposed to say... 


You can, I have rooted my phone on Android and when it was setup, the USB connection would tether once set in devoloper options on phone. 



I still wasn't very specific. But I, was more trying to explain my hardware and software set up. When rereading even the "corrected reply", it still seemed, as if I worded it like rooting was required. Sorry.. 

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