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  1. I would buy a a ralink wifi card and link that to your phone if you have unlimited internet or AP ... I had problems looking for 3g/4g modems
  2. jm0202

    O.MG cable

    I see the O.MG cable is coming soon to Hak5.. It seems this cable will charge the battery only for Mac phones/devices? One side ends in a regular USB and the other in an iphone connector. WIll it connect to Android devices as well?
  3. Is the usb module for the pineapple nano in the pic (with an ethernet port) going to be available?
  4. Does anyone have a working example of dns spoof with an android device?
  5. Is this module working? Whenever I try to do a dns spoof using the br-lan interface it never gets redirected to the web server in my nano...
  6. OK thanks @Sebkinne it is possible to manage the pineaple from a iphone device? i see there is a connector app for android... is there a connection app for iphone?
  7. It is possible to tether an internet connection from an iphone to the pineaple nano?
  8. It is possible to have the turtle working without a cloud VM with VPN access server? Instead I want to run my own VPN accesses server from the Internet (from home) and do all the cool things in this video: sorry if this is a dumb question
  9. Hello Guys I need help with the a payload to get a reverse shell using the ruber ducky: I tried to use the powerducky script to get a reverse shell and no luck... I figured it out it was because my victim was an X64 and not a 386 ... So i went ahead and modified my powershell shell script to detect if my victim is X64... now when I run manually my malicious powershell script on my victim and i have a htpps listener in my attacking machine it works perfectly ... now the challenge i have is encoding my powershell script in base 64 so I can ultimately use in my inject.bin.... This is what I used to encode my powershell script: $Content = Get-Content -Path <path to my file> -Encoding Byte $Base64 = [system.Convert]::ToBase64String($Content) $Base64 | Out-File <path to encoded file> Also tried iconv in Linux: $Content = Get-Content -Path <path to my file> -Encoding Byte Encode="`cat $Content | iconv --to-code UTF-16LE | base64 -w 0`" and then dumping the value of variable encode... Whenever I tried to execute my payload in my victim (after loading the inject.bin in the ducky) the ducky starts to delivers the base 64 payload... however powershell truncates the payload while processing the base 64 string .. thus not getting a reverse shell.... After trying to run manually the powershell script... powershell -Enc <base64 string> i got the message in my victim that the string is not a valid base 64 string.... Anyone can point me on the command I need to run to convert my powershell script into a valid base 64 string so powershell can execute it? PS the reverse shell (reflective and web delivered) in powerducky have the same problem... whenever the inject.bin runs in the victim... the base 64 string is truncated in the victim and no reverse shell is sent to the attacking machine... Thanks
  10. Hello b00stfr3ak Powerducky is a great tool however the latest version checked in github has some issues... It seems there was some syntax issue in the main menu.. and the payload to add a user to the admin group fails, since the localadmin word is misspelled. For the reverse shell attack I am able to make it work from the rubber ducky, the payload is injected and i got a message in my attacking machine (sending stage to victim xx bytes) but it hangs there.... I tried to use the meterpreter X64 (since my victim machine uses an x64 architecture) but powershell just dies in the victim machine. It seems the payload needs to be specific for a x64 victim and your payload in github is specific for 32 bits.. do you have a reverse shell payload for x64? thank you....
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