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Signal Owl Arming Mode


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Hi, I just bought a Signal Owl, but I am having trouble putting it in Arming Mode. I hold the button during the selection mode, but it will just go to attack mode. Eventually, as I keep holding the button, the led switches off. If somebody could help me with this, it would be really great. Thanks

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Hi SteveMatrix. Take a look at the thread called "anyone else having issues getting signal owl to work?".  For me, the reply from Wes actually describes the process of putting the Owl into arming mode.  Basically, plug it in and wait longer than one might expect.  For me, as soon as I plug it in there is a very brief flash from the red LED, then it goes blank for 10 seconds, then it flashes moderately quickly for about 5 seconds, then it speeds up a bit for about 10 more seconds, then it goes solid red for about 25 seconds, then it will flash very quickly for about 3 seconds.  This is the point where you need to poke something into the button on the back of the device.  

At this point, if you get the timing right, you will see kind of a double flash repeating and you will see the Owl_#### SSID appear about 30 seconds after.

I hope that this helps. 

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I just fought through this too.  

First make sure you have easy access to the device since you have to see the back of the device to coordinate the button push while at the same time look at the front of the device to determine which of the 5 blinking speeds is occurring - <rant> apparently they ran out of RGB LEDs and thought a light flashing at various speeds on the opposite side of the device than where you're looking/working was the best solution given the lack of RGB hardware.  </rant>.

This first point of note is that the 3-second mode selection phase is not within 3 seconds of boot, but rather during a 3-second period when the red light blinks the fastest during the boot (2-digit millisecond-off intervals, not 3-digit millisecond-off intervals. or 32nd-note intervals vs eigth-note intervals).  This period happens several seconds into the boot process after the OS has loaded and is ready to accept user input.

The second point is to not hold the button in, but make sure it a firm, short press, after which you should see the recurring double-blink indicator.


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So what does it mean when the LED on the Owl stops blinking after a while?  That's not on the LED activity list.

I have a 4Gb SanDisk Cruzer USB drive that I formatted to Ext4.

I put a copy of the latest firmware on it at the root level.  I attached it to the USB port on the Owl farthest away from the tail of the Owl.  Actually I tried both ports on the Owl.

I attached it to my laptop to boot it up.  As soon as the LED goes into fast blink mode I push the button once and it looks like there is some quick activity.  I see some light activity on the USB drive too.

Then after a while there is no activity light on the Owl at all.  The light on the USB drive is solid which usually means it's not doing anything (reading/writing).

So I wait a while like this hoping something will happen but nothing does.

After a while I disconnect it and let it boot without any intervention by me and I eventually get the slow blink.

How can I tell that it flashed correctly at this point?  When it's done with the flash is the .bin file removed somehow or does it stay there?

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I formatted a USB to FAT32 and plugged it into the powered off Signal Owl.  I plug the Signal Owl into an ANKER power supply, and it only flashes slowly (4 secs roughly) and continues to do that the entire time.  I do not see it flash rapidly at all.


Snagged while at DEFCON27

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