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  1. Hi, I ran the Delayed AP Attack Mine on a Signal Owl. The Owl was connected to my C2 Cloud instance throughout. I fixed the payload so that it is dumping results into the loot directory, but the Loot section for my Signal Owl on C2 Cloud shows "No loot available". I also had loot from the basic bluetooth scanner too and it also didn't get uploaded to C2. Has anyone else had this issue?
  2. Am I missing something? I don't have version in / or /root/ either.
  3. active8


    Has anyone been able to run kismet? It is listed as one of the included tools. There are kismet config files in /etc and kismet_ binaries in /usr/bin But, kismet: not found
  4. Hi SteveMatrix. Take a look at the thread called "anyone else having issues getting signal owl to work?". For me, the reply from Wes actually describes the process of putting the Owl into arming mode. Basically, plug it in and wait longer than one might expect. For me, as soon as I plug it in there is a very brief flash from the red LED, then it goes blank for 10 seconds, then it flashes moderately quickly for about 5 seconds, then it speeds up a bit for about 10 more seconds, then it goes solid red for about 25 seconds, then it will flash very quickly for about 3 seconds. This is the poin
  5. active8


    I am not clear on the use of transceivers and USB storage for loot. Since the USB port that is closest to the whip is only for pass through, it is not seen by the Owl at all? If I have a bluetooth or SDR dongle plugged into the other USB port and I was to dump loot, how do I go about doing that? Do I need to pull out the transceiver and plug in a USB drive then click the button, then remove the drive and put the transceiver back in? Seems a bit awkward.
  6. I think that these instructions are the most accurate that I have seen so far. Before seeing this post I had managed to get the firmware updated, but pushing the button at just the right time must have been a fluke since after loading the firmware I was unable to get the timing right and hence was not able to get the Owl_#### SSID to come up. After following the timing/blinking sequences outlined by Wes I was able to get SSH'd into the device.
  7. I would say that I generally really like the Hak5 devices that I have bought, but this Signal Owl is extremely frustrating. I regret buying it. I am not even going to bother messing with this thing anymore. I have wasted enough time on it already. Don't bother buying the Signal Own. It feels like an Alpha product.
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