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Screen Crab - Isolated Network Usage


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16 hours ago, des3n said:

Was wondering thoughts and usage for networks that are isolated or 'air-gapped'. Can the config file be changed to stream to content instead of taking snapshots every 'n' seconds?


Great ideas put forward there🔥🔥🔥 Hopefully it can, but will need to get one and play with it........just love Hak5 gadgets and gizmos💗Have you ordered one yet? I think that this product will be a great addition to anyones arsenal😎

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I will be ordering one soon!

Thinking about how to implement for an isolated or 'air-gapped' network, that a remote vendor needs access to perform work. This network is considered high security and limits external connections as much as possible. An operator can share this screen link and perform the work required (with the guidance of the remote vendor watching).

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Bump if some one knows any feature updates to the device or has any ideas of some other device/equipment  that can accomplish this 


Thinking if maybe a OBS setup may work in this situation. 

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