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  1. Bump if some one knows any feature updates to the device or has any ideas of some other device/equipment that can accomplish this Thinking if maybe a OBS setup may work in this situation.
  2. I will be ordering one soon! Thinking about how to implement for an isolated or 'air-gapped' network, that a remote vendor needs access to perform work. This network is considered high security and limits external connections as much as possible. An operator can share this screen link and perform the work required (with the guidance of the remote vendor watching).
  3. Was wondering thoughts and usage for networks that are isolated or 'air-gapped'. Can the config file be changed to stream to content instead of taking snapshots every 'n' seconds?
  4. OK, so I re-installed the .deb files for impacket and responder. When I SSH into the BB, the /tools directory is now there with both folders for /tools/impacket /tools/responder. It looks like the problem now with running QuickCreds is that it can't get a DHCP address for the BB when it is running the payload. This is the same problem with nmapper payload. Any ideas? Thanks again.
  5. Hi Dave, so for example the QuickCreds states that the FAIL1 is there is no responder in /tools/responder. When I SSH into thr BB and run ls -al I do not see a /tools directory even though the deb files are installed. For nmapper the fail red blinking LED is because it could not obtain an IP address. I teated this on a Win10 box and made sure i was using the RNDIS_ETHERNET in the initialization. Is this a problem because of the /tools directory not being there? Thank you
  6. Hello, I haven't had to chance to use my BB for a little while now. I just started messing with it again and it seems that I can't get payloads to work for me anymore. They used to work in the past. I ended up updating it to firmware 1.5_298 and installing the .deb packages for Gohttp, Impacket, and Responder. When I run a dpkg -l, it shows that the deb files installed like below: ii gohttp-bunny 1.0 all Gohttp .deb for the Bash Bunny ii impacket-bunny 1.0 all Impacket .deb for the Bash Bunny ii responder-bunn 1.0 all Responder .deb for the Bash Bunny However, now when I run nmapper or QuickCreds it attempts to start and then all I get a is flashing red LED. Any ideas of some troubleshooting steps I could take? Thank you
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