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Multiple Monitors


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Yep, allot of people do this (I would if I had another monitor). All you generally need is two monitors (duh) and a graphics card with two out puts (Usually VGA or DVI). Then just tell windows to extend the desktop on to the second monitor.

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nVidia are good but ATi cards work just as well for multi-monitor setups.

Pretty much any graphics card these days will do it providing it's a full height card/has two monitor outputs (you can get DVI->VGA adapters so don't worry about the connection being different).

Software to do it comes free with both nV and ATi cards.

So, to do this you need:

- 2 monitors that will accept either DVI or VGA input (a TV works as well if the card has TV-out but you won't get a very high resolution and it's hard to read text, best for gaming and movies)

- A graphics card with 2 monitor ports (most cards). You can also do it with 2 seperate graphics cards but it's often easier with 1 card/2 outputs.

- Drivers and software (provided with the cards, really easy to set up as long as you're using Windows)

- A DVI -> VGA adapter if one of your outputs is DVI and your other monitor is not. 2 of these are required if the card has BOTH DVI sockets and no VGA.

It's all fairly usual, install the card like you would normally (or if you already have one installed that's even better), install the drivers (again, if your current card already does this you're sorted) and plug in your monitors.

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hmm now im wondering if there are graphic cards with more than two outputs.

Are you been sarcastic? (Sorry if your not)

Most graphics cards have multiple outputs, the majority of graphics cards that don't are built in to embed systems (including motherboards), and the exception to this is usually laptops which usually have two.

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I've seen a setup with three monitors. The PC had two graphics cards, one with two and the other with one output. I've not seen a card with three output ports.

There a load of cards with three outputs, but for what ever reason (at least under windows) you are, usually, only able to use two at once, but I'm not sure why. My best guess would be that it's a physical limitation of the card.

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