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Ways People Find Who and Were u Are


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This thread is to explain the different ways police or people can find who and were you are located.

For Example Ip address and mac address Please add more if there is add anything related to finding people that hack.

Also add ways to get around these ways besides proxies for ip cuz that's just brought out to much and we all know.

Hopefully over time this thread can help newbies and experts and everyone in between.

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Well it's pretty simple actually. Blocks of IPs are sold to ISPs by a RIR. A trace route will show you the ISP responsible for the IP in question, however you'll need to subpoena the ISP for their logs to find out which customer has said IP. The RIAA do it all the time, it's called a John Doe subpoena.

Here's some reading to get you started




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Well Everyone covers there ip, i know the whois your talking about some website owners don't register private so from there registered domain name you can find their address phone number and everything else. Email adress, ip adress almost everything you need to knwo to axcess thier site except their ftp username and password

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I saw a nice little whois.exe command line app for windows somewhere once. Can't remember if it's from sysinternals or not but a quick google would find it. Anyway private registration is for suckers. Whois Hak5 and see what I mean.
LOL Nice... street_addr = "localhost"
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Seeing that we're moving in a few days and Hak5 has always been in the spirit of open source I'd like to just give you guys a heads up on our address, just incase you'd like to stop by to play xbox or something.

127001 Localhost Lane

Williamsburg, VA 23188


Please update that for your records. We will no longer reside at:

255 Subnet Way, Suite eth0

Williamsburg, VA 23188


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Another way for some one to get ones personal information is to watch someones internet traffic. A lesser l33t h4x0r may say "Hmmm... I'll just check my checking account balance, while I'm at it." Not realizing that there are only two banks in that particular chain. With enough of that kind of information, you could probably narrow the location of a person down to the block or street that they live on.

The only possible solution to that is to not be a n00b, but you could probably say that to anything. e.g.

Person A: "OMG, the fuzzzzz found where I live, Oh Noes!"

Person B: "Come on! Don't be a n00b"

Person A: "I think the guacamole gave food poising."

Person B: "Well, that wouldn't have happened if you weren't such a n00b"

Person A: "What does it mean when TOR isn't responding? I still have an internet connection."

Person B: "That you're a n00b"

So the moral of the story is you should probably keep you traffic restricted to public terminals, and... um... don't be a n00b. :wink:

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