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Question about a website.


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Im in a small prediciment(sp?) here. I am an avid lover of anime, and i got into this anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. I was watching it on youtube. Well, youtube went and deleted the entire series, when i was 1 episode away from finishing it! While i was halfway through the episode!!

Anyway, on to the question. I found a website, that hosts different anime, well, obviously, they make you pay for said anime, a monthly fee (which is highly illegal, since, back when they were free and still dont, have the license to any anime) I was wondering, if there is a way to watch Episode 26, the last one, of Neon Genesis Evangelion from their website. Maybe a way i can get a username/password, or maybe a way to get a direct link to the video to watch it that way.

Something that might help is that, i had a link to one of their videos, which was a direct link, so it opened WMP, that still worked even after they made you pay for it. I dont know if there is a way i could find a direct link to it without having a login.

I would appreciate any help/input you can give me.

Thank you.

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Anime falls under a different Law, most anime is still not licenced in the USA and other english countries, therefore it is not illegal to host Subbed files on your server, as for the charging of the downloads, this is also not illegal as they can claim your paying to use the server not what it hosts, much the same as some ppl do with Linux Distros, they store them on High Speed Servers and charge small fee's for access.

As for NGE its released in the US, so there for its illegal, and realy its breaks the TOS of this site to help u download warez, though i suggest for most 'legal' downloads use either IRC or BT

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