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lanparty's severely changing


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ok so recently lanparty's are severly changing overhere ....

a few days ago i recieved a inventation for FAT* LAN VIPS

*(fragging and terrorising)

wich as far as i see is turning in to a eating fest ....

rough guidelines :


Friday 19u-22u: nip at enterance

Friday 23u-24u: Spirelli/Spaghetti with bolognaise or chicken/cheesesaus

saturday 01u-08u: continuos snacks, fries, sandwitches, croque's

saturday 09u-10u: bacon with eggs

saturday 13u-14u: Fries + meat of choice

saturday 21u-23u: cold buffet

saturday 24u: huge feast with... surprises

sunday 01u-08u: continuos snacks, fries, sandwitches, croque's

sunday 09u-10u30u: Koffiekoeken + broodjes (err any dutch ppl tht can help me out translating tht cos i dont kno the english words for em) of choice

sunday 13u: Fries + meat of choice

other snacks available in between.

what u get :

above buffet

drinks : soda , Cola, fanta, sprite, water

beers : beer , Palm, Hoegaarden


there will be no compo's

there will be @ least 1 server running of every popular game,

and at fitting times there will be huge battles between all present lanners ...

also all lanners will get a memento of this never to forget weekend ....

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