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Preparing WIFI Pineapple (Nano) for Deployment


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I just got my WIFI Pineapple (nano tactical) and would like to start testing it.

I setup mine with a Mac, and everything seemed to work great while it was connected to the USB.

However, when I disconnect it from the USB, install the battery pack, and the wifi dongle, I can connect to the Pineapple, but now there is no internet connection, but everything else seems to be working properly.

Except I did notice that in the "Networking" tab, in the "WIFI Client Mode" it shows both the wlan1 and the wlan2. When I scan using wlan2, it says "No networks were found."

Any help in this situation? Where to start? Did I miss a step?

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The WLAN2 is your usb dongle in the female usb port. Is it new or used/possibly broken?

If it’s a good dongle, rescan a few times. If your scanning is in between an access point beacon timing you’ll miss it. If nothing comes up (even when right next to the AP), your dongle might be shite. Or the port might be shite. Or the whole thing might be shi..  Doubt it though. Work your way down the chain ‘o failure to see what could be gumming up your process.

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