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  1. I just got my WIFI Pineapple (nano tactical) and would like to start testing it. I setup mine with a Mac, and everything seemed to work great while it was connected to the USB. However, when I disconnect it from the USB, install the battery pack, and the wifi dongle, I can connect to the Pineapple, but now there is no internet connection, but everything else seems to be working properly. Except I did notice that in the "Networking" tab, in the "WIFI Client Mode" it shows both the wlan1 and the wlan2. When I scan using wlan2, it says "No networks were found." Any help in thi
  2. Greeting everyone, I am hoping that someone(s) can help me with some questions. The first of all is my schooling. Last December I started classes at an onine university for cyber security. Although I have only been taking the required general education classes, I am about to start my core classes in Cyber Security. I am considering transfering to the following schools. EC Council University: They are under the umbrella of EC Council, which is one of the reason they looked very attractive. I have not seen them mentioned on top 10 schools, or anything like that. I have been told
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