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Update build instructions please

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17 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

I suggest you read the OpenWRT wiki on how to build firmware, as I previously stated, the repository is not out of date. You still need to configure the build yourself...


I know how to build it. Do you? have you read your own link perhaps? The stuff I am asking about is outlined in the following topic on that link:

Image Configuration

When building openwrt you need to configure it with the modules needed to have it booting. 

More to read:


To sum it up: the config file is missing and I have no idea which modules are needed to have pineapple run. 

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6 minutes ago, wqevwevqwevqwrevwfd said:

bump 101 😉

Do you own a pineapple? Could you not use that for ref?

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Honestly, there really is no need to keep bumping this thread... If you run `make menuconfig` (as the link I provided states) and select "Hak5 WiFi Pineapple NANO" and then return to the CLI and run `make` you will get a bootable image for the device...

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