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OSX Error for Bash Bunny Updater


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I am getting the following error when I download and extract the bash bunny updater to my bash bunny and run the bbunny.app.


“bbupdater” can’t be opened because Sandbox is not allowed to open documents in Terminal.


By the way the switch is in arming mode (Closest to the USB port)

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9 hours ago, Foxtrot said:

Make sure you own the file, you have made it executable by setting the +x bit on it, and then remove it from the quarantine:

xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine bbunny.app/

OS X quarantines all software that isn't signed or downloaded through the App Store.

This worked. Perhaps this little tidbit should go in the WiKi or in the readme file. I can add this and make a pull request if it is ok with you all.

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