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  1. Ok so I tested this with chrome, firefox, and safari and the only browser that works is safari on my IOS devices.
  2. Good evening; I have cloud c2 set up on a vps and have no problem logging on from my home base but when I try to log in from my mobile phone I get "Your credentials are not valid" when I know that my credentials are correct. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. It would be awesome if I could manage my wifi pineapples modules/payloads from cloud C2. Obviously this would be true of the other supported devices as well.
  4. I purchased upgraded antennas for the NANO and got them and they seem extremely floppy. Is this normal? Anyone have any solutions. (Hak5: you might want to put this in a FAQ for the pineapple tactical) Found my answer using search feature.
  5. Invites no longer work. Trying to get on discord.
  6. I am wondering if I can set it to only use the 3G if it does not have an internet connection via ethernet.
  7. T-Mobile. I am wondering if you can use the Lan Turtle 3G without a sim card.
  8. This worked. Perhaps this little tidbit should go in the WiKi or in the readme file. I can add this and make a pull request if it is ok with you all.
  9. I can confirm this. Leave everything else blank. Well except for DNS settings cloud flare is reccomended at or as a secondary.
  10. I am getting the following error when I download and extract the bash bunny updater to my bash bunny and run the bbunny.app. ``` “bbupdater” can’t be opened because Sandbox is not allowed to open documents in Terminal. ``` By the way the switch is in arming mode (Closest to the USB port)
  11. I got a sim card and put it into the device and magically the site was reached. Hmm interestingly enough for some reason. I am wondering why that is. Maybe if I set the timeout to zero. HMM.
  12. Good evening; I am setting up my lan turtle 3g for the first time and noticed that I was getting a no modules found error. on further investigaiton I noticed that in the module manager it calls out to a wiebsite that does not exist. aka 404 error. I updated to v5 of the firmware. What is the proper URL for this? In looking at the Hak5 github I noticed that the packages are located there. Any assistance on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.
  13. I have not but I have the same question.
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