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So I’m almost positive my girlfriend is snapping other guys and I think she is cheating on me through the app. I know her password but I know if I log into her account on another device it will kick her off and she will know and someone told me she will get an email saying she logged into from another device. I don’t want to install a spy app on her phone. Is there a way I can log in without her knowing since I already have her password.

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if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you then obviously you dont trust her and you should move on.  In any relationship, if you dont trust the other person or they dont trust you.... it wont work and will be a lot of stress and heartache.  Find somebody that you trust and show them the world.  

for the app thing, nobody will help with that because its not your account and that is considered illegal and we dont do illegal things on this forum.  

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Just don't try it. It's pretty much certain that wherever you are on the planet, accessing someone else's account without their consent or installing "spying software" without any legal authority (or being Microsoft / Facebook / Google) will be against the law. No-one here should really help you with that.

Anyone even considering illegal activity has to be very careful how they go about things and how they may be caught out; like the email alert you mention. They must also consider any traces they leave even as they prepare their action. Take your above post for instance. If you are a careful person even at this early stage you are using a one-off account name (Skier780) just for this thread. This is because your post (above) will probably get captured by Google at some point.

So (assuming you are not using a one-time name and your post is not an attempt to induce sympathy to get help to do something else) your girlfriend gets suspicious because you seem to know too much. She tries to find anything you may have posted online, she types in the name you often use into Google and "Boom!"; your post on the Hak5 forum. After that people in uniform get an urge to talk to you. You end up in court.

Of course I bet the most likely way something like this is discovered is the pair of you have a full-on argument. She says, "No I didn't!" and, all angry, you shout as loud as you can, "Yes you did!, I hacked your Snapchat account!!!". Once again people in uniform get an urge to talk to you. You end up in court.

<advice style="Dear Abby";>
During difficult times people can make quick and very bad decisions and find their life FUBAR.
Many years ago a telecoms company had adverts with the tagline, "It's good to talk". Sage words.


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5 hours ago, b0N3z said:

if you think your girlfriend is cheating on you then obviously you dont trust her and you should move on.

Don't you think it would be fair to give your own girlfriend the benefit of the doubt until you have solid proof??? Man..

My advice would be to confront her about it. A wise woman would appreciate that you're worried about that kind of thing. Depends on the person, how long you've been together and how much you know each other. But if you went into a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship I would hope you already knew a lot about each other, riiiight? And then you wouldn't have to worry, because you know her.

But if you suspect she's talking very intimately with other boys online you have trust issues with her which means you know deep down you don't know her very well.

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I liked the answers of you guys! I dont like anything illegal as well! I am here to see if anyone could help me with answers about doubts that I have concerning my facebook account ( which no longer exist) . Some people just knew what I was doing in my facebook. How is that? some people knew that I erased some comments of mine . How is that possible? besides, the some people which were my facebook friends, also knew when I visited their facebook page. I suffered a terrible virtual bullying from these people all the time make comments about what I was doing inside my facebook account. I didnt know from where all these attacks were coming from...if it was any kind of app or hacker. I felt a terrible feeling of being invaded in my personal life!! Could anyone explain to me how these people knew about my facebook activities) i really appreciate any help! thank you

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