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grgsm using ER N200

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Objective: to take live dump of LTE traffic using grgsm with USRP N200


I am using grgsm_livemon with USRP N200. However the window of scan is no greater than ~2.4MHz whereas USRP provide more than 20MHz bandwidth which is enough to scan LTE frequencies. How can I increase the window size so that i can use grgsm with N200? or if it is even possible to use grgsm for LTE Frequencies?


Also i want suggestion of any other easy to configure tool which can help me acheive the above task?



Many thanks and regards

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Wow and at a price tag of $1200. Not interested in getting into this but, interested in how it goes. My uniden  trunk tracker + Whistler digital radio scanner arent even worth that much.

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