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OSX apps on Linux/BSD?


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This linux thing has me kinda interested, but I'm not going to switch until Adobe ports Photoshop to linux. Since I can't see this happening offically for a long time, I was wondering if the OSX x86 versions could run on a Linux or BSD box with minimal effort?


a: No, GIMP does not cut it.

b: Have you seen the price of decent Apple workstation?!?

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Codeweavers is already looking into porting Wine to the OSX x86 environment. There was something about that in the last Wine Weekly News. See http://www.winehq.com.

If the apple workstation itself is the problem, you can get a generic x86 box and using Wine run the real Photoshop on it. It should be a well-tested app there. Check Wine's AppDB to make sure.

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What is Wine like? I've never used it before. I'm not really on the market for a hack, looking for a solution. About to graduate from a photography degree so its got to work without to much configing.

My main reason for wanting to change is Vista, it looks like its gonna be great if you love playing games 24/7, but for getting work done... meh. 3D spinny windows i do not need.

Apple stuff looks great, but its over priced for what it is. So its either hack OSX onto my own box (with all the crap driver support that will bring). Or try this wine thing. Would VMware, running linux, running wine, running photoshop be a bad place to start with this? (Not got the space for a new partion).

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