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Have issues in getting the Nano to do what I need, as surely I'm getting some things wrong.   So would like to get in touch with someone who's capable to help me out, one on one, and pay them for their time.  Suggestions who I can contact?




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If there was a problem with the purchase of new devices, then the help would be instant:)  Unfortunately, advertising strongly embellishes the possibilities of this device. Perhaps some of your expectations will not be fulfilled.

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4 hours ago, Just_a_User said:

How so?

Suppose I'm a bad guy:) And I have such an instrument as NANO.
1. To implement the MIM attack I need
   - organize Internet access for their clients.
   - be close to our clients, because NANO is not a very powerful wifi device
2. The benefit that I get
   - I can see the HTTP traffic, but not HTTRS
   - change the direction of traffic
   - post vulgar picture or text

Thus, the best application for NANO is to pay for the internet, come to a crowded place and show everyone who connects to you a picture of naked ass on the screen:)

However in advertising NANO looks something more serious, in the sense of threatening security. Really it is a toy for jokes over colleagues or relatives.

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