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  1. possible reason I managed to launch the Site Survey module, which I installed on the SD card. But I needed to fix the file capture.sh old: 58. airodump-ng -c ${CHANNEL} --bssid ${BSSID} -w /pineapple/modules/SiteSurvey/capture/capture_${MYTIME} ${MYMONITOR} &> /dev/null & new: 58. airodump-ng -c ${CHANNEL} --bssid ${BSSID} -w /sd/modules/SiteSurvey/capture/capture_${MYTIME} ${MYMONITOR} &> /dev/null &
  2. Now, when I'm writing this post, I'm connected to an Internet via NANO. In the network menu I joined the Wifi point (client mode), disconnected from the web interface, disconnected the network cable. At me Windows 10 and it was necessary to eliminate a problem with automatic definition of names - the system corrects it itself.
  3. If the module works for a long time, then a log is created. I saw the log, but I did not see any benefit from this log. The client detects the surveillance during the first call on the https protocol. This circumstance depreciates the entire attack.
  4. Of course I did not buy it. Although I have a paid version. I received it on some torrent - I do not remember exactly.
  5. You can not fool the browser from the middle. He has a list of trusted certificate publishers. If he receives a certificate from an unknown publisher, he immediately swears. Everything else, the details of the handshake exchange, etc., do not matter.
  6. Very doubtful hope. I can not log into Facebook from a smartphone (if enabled SSLsplit) - there's just no such option and there is a warning .
  7. Browsers for mobile devices also check root certificates.
  8. Suppose I'm a bad guy:) And I have such an instrument as NANO. 1. To implement the MIM attack I need - organize Internet access for their clients. - be close to our clients, because NANO is not a very powerful wifi device 2. The benefit that I get - I can see the HTTP traffic, but not HTTRS - change the direction of traffic - post vulgar picture or text Thus, the best application for NANO is to pay for the internet, come to a crowded place and show everyone who connects to you a picture of naked ass on the screen:) However in advertising NANO looks someth
  9. I also tried this module. But Airslax with Alfa adapter work much better. Mainly because of the sensitivity of the adapter in NANO the weak Wifi module.
  10. At me too the module is launched only with the second attempt. I installed on the SD card - it turned out ok. But the browsers check the root certificate, so you will not cheat anyone.
  11. Additionally with the actions described in the manual. I solved this problem by changing the router through which I get the Internet, the network address from to Other options were unstable.
  12. If there was a problem with the purchase of new devices, then the help would be instant:) Unfortunately, advertising strongly embellishes the possibilities of this device. Perhaps some of your expectations will not be fulfilled.
  13. I also think that this module has very doubtful practical utility. Like many others from the attached set. I still have not seen the real network vulnerability. In the module PineAP, the client is only the one who wants to become an open network client - on the other I have not got it yet. Even if the client made a mistake and accidentally chose my trap (openAP), then I can not look at the SSL traffic. Although, perhaps I have not yet found the right approach to this problem.
  14. After scanning through module Recon you get "Unassociated Clients" and "SSID". From the logic of the user interface Profiling is needed to compare "Unassociated Clients" with "SSID". Below on the left there is a help menu:))
  15. Wow! there was a miracle. The problem with sharing the Internet was in the parameters of sharing network profiles. I like this picture very much:))) Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface default UG 0 0 0 br-lan * U 0 0 0 br-lan But the "Update Route" command spoils all beauty. Kernel IP routing table Destination Gateway Genmask Flags Metric Ref Use Iface *
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