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Need help to build a device


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I recently read an artical and some reseach paper about turning your wifi into IMSI catcher. I woukd love to work on  any ine can guide where ti get it start.  What stuff do I needed to turn my wifi into IMSI catcher.


Looking forward to  your kind response.



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We had a discussion similar to this about a year ago, see what you can get from it but it may not be overly helpful, sorry about that.

I'm not aware of anyone building an IMSI catcher from a WiFi network on the forums, but maybe you can find answers in the below link or do your own research around Google. 

Good luck! :)


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18 hours ago, Net_Spy said:

What stuff do I needed to turn my wifi into IMSI catcher

Apparently it was done a few years ago ( I wasn't aware) https://www.blackhat.com/eu-16/briefings/schedule/index.html#wifi-based-imsi-catcher-4916  Although it was disclosed to the manufacturers so im not sure it would be still valid. https://thehackernews.com/2016/11/imsi-track-cellphone.html

You would probably have better luck with a full duplex SDR and OpenBTS, but as you would be working on licensed frequencies you would need to tread very carefully.

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