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Alternatives to PayPal?


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hey guys, i recently applied and was rejected for a credit card.

being that i like to use the internet and make use of alot of stuff that it has to offer, i was wondering what alternatives there were to paypal and credit cards

credit cards are obviously not an option, and after visiting here i'm totally off the idea of paypal, so what kind of obscure online payment methods are there that after about 30mins of google i haven't yet heard of.

For me the important things are

*How popular and widely available it is?

it kinda sucks if it works great but nobody supports it

*The risks

I don't know if it's just paypalsucks FUD, but they mention that paypal can clean out your bank and checking accounts. I'm not exactly sure how that works, but if they clean out my paypal account, which i only intent to use to pay for stuff, i'm not really that worried. If they clean out my bank account, without which i'm seriously homeless and starving, since i pay for stuff like rent, then it's fucked.

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to be honest paypal doesnt such that much, there fee's can be a little anoying, and u cant use it for pr0n, but its widly accepted, security is high, easy to use.

Really the paypalsucks hate site is much like the i hate windows ones, ppl dont like it coz its widly used.

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Here in .nl debit cards are the norm. This works great in combination with Paypal since I, much like yourself, don't trust Paypal even in the slightest.

I can tell my bank that Paypal can retrieve money in my name, so that when I pay for something, it will just take money out of my bank account to keep my paypal balance up.

The other way is that I need to manually transfer money from my bank account to the Paypal bank account. It then shows up there and I can transfer it wherever I want. This is the method I employ.

Since Paypal doesn't have full control over my bank account I'm listed as an "Unverified account". I don't really give a shit about that, and people who receive money from me via Paypal don't seem to either.

When it comes to sending money around, Paypal is fairly cheap. It's like 30 cents plus 3.4% of the total amount. An off-line alternative is Western Union Money Transfer, and that costs about twice as much. There are some other alternatives, but not too many people accept them.

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only the name on the cheque can stick in in THEIR account

b.t.w. did you hear about the post in America?

It was the middle of August and they got a letter addressed to santa, so they opened it and it said

"Dear Santa,

I know I'm not the best behaved and I know it's not xmas, but my Granny is very very sick and needs $5,000 to pay for the operation to make her better



so the postmen decided to go around collecting money, and they got $4,900 and sent it off to William.

2 weeks later they got a letter from bill saying

"Dear Santa,

Thank you very much for the money granny is now on the mend, only thing is the thieving dirty bastards down the Post Office stool $100 dollars of it.

Merry Xmas,



P.S. this is a fictional joke/story

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