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Pineapple Radios

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Greetings fellow humans,

Where/How can I figure out which of the radios on a Tetra is associated with which pineapple function?  My shallow understanding is that the Wifi Pineapple Tetra has four radios in it, which are each used for different tasks by default (pineAP, open and management APs, etc). Most people are satisfied with using the dipole antennas that come with the pineapple, but imagine for a second that you wanted to use, say, a directional antenna with PineAP, but you only have one. Which knobs are attached to which wifi interface?

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With the Tetra LEDs facing you, 2x left hand antennas are for wlan0 and the right hand ones are for wlan1.

Each radio has two antennas for diversity.

wlan0 is typically used for the PineAP access point and wlan1 is used in attack mode to send out beacon frame etc.

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2 minutes ago, The Power Company said:

You wouldn't happen to know what wlan0-1 is used for, would you?

Its the management wifi network, if you connect to your tetra via LAN or 3rd radio you can disable the management wifi network and you will see wlan0-1 is no longer present.

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