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Infrared Picture of Nano under load


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Just wanted to show an Infrared picture of the Wifi Pineapple Nano under load.

This picture was taken running the Pineapple as a bridge to an Access Point.

It is running an OpenVPN session using the latest firmware, so the processor is being heavily used.  This is 30 minutes after starting the session.

It appears from several photos that the hottest point is when using an attached usb wireless card.  The USB is always the hottest point.

Hope this information is helpful.


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Thermal throttling has never been determined to be an issue.  In my experience bridging with the Pineapple is fairly slow regardless, IMHO.

Using OpenVPN is even slower due to encryption and the lack of processing power from the Pineapple.  Speedtests are usually around 7Mbps up and down.

BTW, This is a paid VPN service, not a situation where I control both ends of the tunnel.  Different protocols would surely increase the speed.

As for Infrared tests, I feel the temps are extremely good, as Sebkinne noted.  That was the reason for this post.  Around 120F is where I start having concerns.

When the nano was originally released, I remember seeing posts regarding concerns for heat.  This post was to show it is not really an issue.

This pineapple was bought soon after their release and although sometimes warm to the touch, it does not run hot even under load.

Overall I love the Pineapple and hope the goodness keeps coming.  I had the Mark V, but this nano turns the dial up to 11.

Best feature for me is being on VPN, regardless of the environment.  Open WiFi at the coffeeshop, I'm on VPN player.  Spoofed MACs & ALL.

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