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Need help hacking myself.


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So awhile ago i got really hardcore into trying to learn how to hack so i picked up a cheap Compaq laptop. This was my "hacking laptop" so i figured i should make a super long hard password instead of using the same password i always use for everything (yes i know how bad that is my memory sucks though). I gave up after awhile with no real idea where to start so i dismantled it. I just got a reason to use it again so i just put it back together but i need to use my admin acc to do any real work but for some reason the hack i used to get the last owners password is not working for me so i wanted to get the Sys32 files with the SAM's and such to put on another more portable laptop so i can work on it on the go which i am most of the time (i have no real free time most of the time im moving) but i need admin access to copy them to a usb. Can anyone help me. Would really like my laptop back.    Thank's--Rayvn

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Boot off a live disc like Kali linux and use chntpw to reset it to whatever you want. You could also use Konboot to do the same thing.

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