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New app unscrambles Wii games into ISOs


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New app unscrambles Wii games into ISOs

We just received a tip about a new Windows GNU app today called the “GOD/WOD unscrambler†which allegedly reads raw data from the Wii disks and dumps ISO files to your PC for later mischevious use. Since there is neither a Wii emulator or a mod chip for the Wii, it is impossible to verify if the output is an elaborate ploy to drop a binary middle finger on your C: drive, but the Chilean engineering student Victor Muñoz is pretty damn proud of his software. He’s created very detailed readme files, released the source on GNU. He compares the process to DVD ripping and has an unassuming little download link on his site. Do you feel a disturbance in the force, Reggie? He should, because this kid apparently also has the balls of Kong. He blogged on it’s simplicity:

Command-line example:

unscrambler.exe RZDE01.WOD “Twilight Princess.ISOâ€

GOD/WOD unscrambler 0.4 (xt5@ingenieria-inversa.cl)

This program is distributed under GPL license,

see the LICENSE file for more info.

caching seed 0100 … caching seed 0700

image successfully unscrambled.

time elapsed: 481.00 seconds.

To be fair, what he’s done isn’t full blown piracy. It’s just accessory to the invevitable torrent Festivus … aka SUCKS 2BU glimpse of the future. Whatever your ethical take on it may be, it’s obviously not for making brownies. We just hope he’s smart enough to shred his Sony pay stubs when the non-existant Chilean anti-piracy task force comes a-knockin’. Oh no! But Niero, why must you suggest Sony has anything to do with this? I’m kidding, but he’s also apparently coded a Microsoft Xbox security code dumper. Someone buy this kid a PlayStation! Check out the Chile national anthem below.

[Thanks Startreker!]


unscrambler 0.4: unscramble not standard IVs scrambled DVDs thru

bruteforce, intended for Gamecube/WII Optical Disks.

source -> http://edge.i-hacked.com/new-app-unscrambl...games-into-isos

the kid's site -> http://www.ingenieria-inversa.cl/?p=9

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comments = ftw

about dumping a raw image:

a normal ODD reject the user data (PSN>0×2FFFF) beacuse the EDC check fails, If you are able to disable EDC check in the firmware, you are set.

the other way is to use mastering equipment.

maybe there is a DVD model from some vendor that let you setting someting (with debug cmds maybe) to disable temporary EDC or something, but anyway reading such image need that you reverse a firm. a stock ODD won’t do the work :(

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